The FlyRails people mover system features two-person FlyPods twenty feet above ground on a one mile grid of micro rails. At each crosspoint of the grid is a station. A ten mile by ten mile grid has one hundred stations. Riders living within the grid can walk to a station in less than ten minutes.

The FlyPods are centrally controlled. Riders request a destination and the central controller routes the FlyPod non-stop to the requested station. To guarantee FlyPod availability the controller predicts where FlyPods will be needed and moves them accordingly. The controller accepts reservations made through a mobile phone application.

Streets, light rails, parking space, and mega monorails consume thirty percent of city land area. FlyRails frees this land making city space more livable and accessible. Cars, motorcycles and trains contribute to city pollution and global warming. The FlyRails system, with solar-powered electric FlyPods, reduces pollution substantially. Ground traffic is slow, congested and crash-prone. FlyRails is fast, predictable and safe.